Apps In Action – The Dual Apps Loop

This short manual shows, how to make smooth, soft coloured pictures with a fine graphical interior. Just by using two apps in conjunction. I call it the Dual Apps Loop.

All You need is two apps:

  • An app, which allows to produce two or more instances of one and the same source picture: 1st black and white and 2nd an overcoloured version. I prefer Dynamic Light. But there are a lot of other apps, You can use (ProCamera … all apps that have a fx suitcase)
  • An App for overlay the two pictures into one. Here I use Pro HDR’s library function.

In the example below, I imported the original image into Dynamic Light and produced a high saturated picture with the Orton Filter, saved it to photoalbum. Next step I processed the same picture with Dynamic Light’s infrared filter – that makes a nearly black sky from the original blue and it strengthens the contour.

Now You have to merge the two pictures with Pro HDR’s library funktion. Normally it is a better output, if You choose the Orton coloured snapshot as the darker image and the Infrared snapshot as the lighter image but it is allways a good idea, to play with the possibilities and to try both ways..

Fine tuning is very smooth with Pro HDR’s triggers for contrast, saturation, warmth, tint and exposure.

Last step of my Dual Apps Loop is to sharpen the final shot with PS Express’ sharpen function et voila …

Apps In Action – Diptic

The following pictures demonstrate the funktion of the iPhone app Diptic. Diptic gives You the possibility to make collages of several pictures. The app provides a set of square sheets, to load two, three or four pictures into one frame. You can resize, rotate and mirror the pictures and it is possible to adjust brightness, saturation and contrast for each picture. You can give a border to the sheet and adjust it’s colour and size (size 0 make no border).

Export functions: Mail and Save to Photo on iPhone. Picture sizes: 1024×1024 px or in high resolution 2048×2048 px

The raw app has only square frames. Price 1.59 €

In app purchasing gives the posibility to buy and extend the app for panorama-frames, 3:2, 4:3 and else between.

French Roads

In April 2010 I crossed France by bicycle. My first travel with iPhone. The way is geotagged in the exif data of the photos I made.
The following photo is made near Foix in the Arriège valley (Pyrenees).
At this early days as an iphoneographer, I only used the built in camera app of the iPhone 3GS. So I was only able to make photos of some quality, when the light was bright enough.
Now, at the time I write this post, one year has passed. I pimped my iPhone with some great photo apps. So I’m able to process the old pictures. The following one is filtered twice by Dynamic Light. I made an Orton shot and an Ultra Contrast shot, which I both combined in Pro HDR to the final photo.

French Roads

Remake Of A 1988ths Photo

The growing experiments with different high end apps on the iPhone made me try something: I sent a scanned picture by mail to my iPhone. I made the snapshot 1988 in central Greece with an old Kodak or Agfa Camera. The light was terrible. I had no experience with photography. But the scene was unique: a burned wooden electric pole hanging in the air. We could still smell the fire.

On the iPhone I cut the scan 1:1 for a square format (PS Express), improved contrast with Dynamic Light’s Ultra Contrast filter and gave the photo an antique look with Pic Grungers Acid (full strength on After Hour filter)

Remake of a 1988ths Photo by Irgendlink