2 thoughts on “Building 4004 – Zweibrücken Kreuzberg

  1. This is probably building # 4004 of Kreuzberg Kaserne in Zweibrucken, Germany. It is one of the few former kaserne buildings that has not been razed or renovated. The building today looks as it did in the mid 1960s. The American troops pulled out of Zweibrucken and Germany in 1991.

    1. Hello Chuck,

      I’m so sorry to answer such late to your comment on idogma.com. From may 2012 – I was outside on a travel around the North Sea for four months and did not recognize your pending comment. Today I found it. You are right. The photo shows the number 4004 of the ancient building. This and the three other older bulidings are the only ones remaining on Kreuzberg. Nearly everything was teared down in the last twenty years. The old sports building had to go in 2011. There was built an housing area with fine “Einfamilien” houses. The streets are named Oklahoma Street, California Street, Missouri Street.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Warm regards

      Jürgen Rinck, Zweibrücken

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