Jägerhof re-apped

The opening of our first iPhoneart exhibition passed very well. My manager will organize some else exhibitions in bigger citys. The desire of our guests was great and I recognized that iPhoneart is highly dynamic. It is like an organism. Nothing is fix. And even our exposed photos are still in progress. As desire of a customer i reapped a work to fit with his needs. This might be one aspect in future: creating new works under the eye of your customers, send it directly to a photoservice. Pure iDogma.
Jägerhof Zweibrücken

D300/iPhone Battle

A small walk today with 12 megapixel Nikon DSLR and iPhone. Surely the quality of the Nikon photos are better. But the sudden effects made by several apps and the posibility to an instant upload make the iPhone be the winner. All photos by iPhone. D300 photos will follow.