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The day of idogma’s moving into a blogcluster brings new features: A gallery function with the possibility for slideshows, lists and else.

Mixed Gallery with some Hipstamatic Shots made in 2012

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From march 28 till july 31 2012 I cycled around the North Sea. During the 7663 km trip I stopped each ten kilometers to make a photo of the street. I do so since nearly 20 years on all of my trips. Since 2010 I work with mobile technology on an iPhone. A fine tool to make photos, to geolocalize them and to publish photos and messages in my blog

I asked myself: If this will ever be art, how will the recipients call it? Currently the broad mass proclaims, it is iPhoneography, mobile art, or, depending on the device that is used, it is called androidography, androidism, iPhoneism?

Art loves „isms“. How about appspressionism?

The following work might be a benchmark for appspressionistic art. It was explicitly the usage of mobile technology and it’s apps, that made it possible to realize the sheet of streetphotos. The panel shows the latest 670 km on my four months trip around the North Sea. Made with Hipstamatic App on an iPhone 4s. The photos in collumn 1, 3, 5 … were made with Kodot film and Helga Viking lens. They show the view back to Boulogne sur Mer. The photos in the collums 2, 4, 6 … were made with random combinations of lens and film. They point into direction future, forward to my hometown Zweibrücken. After 18 years of constructing artlines like this, I found an ultimate measure to continue my conceptual work.

Boulogne Zweibrücken Artline 2012 by Jürgen Rinck
Boulogne Zweibrücken Artline 2012 by Jürgen Rinck

Art is „schmutzig“

During work, it is always time to capture some strange scenes in the manufactory. This „schmutzig“ (dirty) was written onto a plastic bag, wherein the loundry team cumulates dirty cotton sheets for recycling. 20120301-233949.jpg

Urban Artwalk Sarreguemines

Urban Artwalk Zweibrücken

Home by the Pond

Around the Northsea with Bicycle and iPhone April – July 2012

Northsea cycle route liveblog Jürgen Rinck 2012
Northsea cycle route liveblog Jürgen Rinck 2012 (click for a bigger view)

The Northsea Cycle Route is a 6000 km cycle route, crossing Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, England, Belgium, Netherlands. The longest cycle route of the world. It lasts about 90 days to do it. It is a new challenge for me to do art on this road as I did since 1995: Cycling, stopping each ten kilometers, make a photo of the road. It gives the journey a structure. It documents it, but in the basics it is just a conceptual art project. I will start in Zweibrücken, where I live, go to Boulogne sur Mer, cross the Channel pass London and follow the English National cycle route Nr. 1 to Scotland.

Historical basics

Since I have written and performed the live trip to Santiago de Compostella in Winter 2010, I search for a new challange. I like Cycling, having time, writing and making good art. All of this has become reality with the amazing possibilitiys of smartphone technology. Especially the iPhone.

When I wrote and performed „The Way Of Saint James“ at the end of Ano Santo 2010, I was quiet sure, to found a new kind of art – undescribable at that moment – I used new technology and was searching for a new kind of presentation for my written photo travel art. A Blog seems to be a good solution to show my kind of traveling documenting and making art.

Next step fine tuning

My plan in „Home By The Pond“, is to make a conjunction between my early artlines in the 1990’s to the live blogging that I practice since 2 years. I want to improve the possibilities of online expression. It’s like searching for a new kind of canvas to present art.  The clou on it is, that all will happen live, day by day. The users will find an artificial report from the trip each evening. It’s like reading the newspaper – but beeing close to the action, produced by an artist in motion.

You can follow me on these websites (English with photos) (literary German blog with photos) (irgendlink’s artist profile – the site aggregates the content of my other sites, so all new stuff of both blogs will be accessible there).


Mobile Test After WP-Update

Just updated the software of this blog. This is the test for the mobile interface WordPress App on iPhone 4S

Hipstamatic, Pro Camera, apped and blended with Photo Wizard.