Rubjerg Knude Fyr – a Lighthouse Captured by Sand | #iPhoneography

A Lighthouse, artificially apped on an oval kind of planet in a blue-grey atmosphere | ein Leuchtturm auf einem ovalen, planetenartigen Stück Sand schwebt in blaugrauer Atmosphäre.
The lighthouse on a dune at the North Sea will probably fall down into the sea in some years. The dune is marching eastwards for several meters each year. This year in May I discovered a mark beside the footpath to the dune, which marked the expected sandline in 2052. It was nearly half a mile in the green. The photo shows an #appspressionism prepared on an #iPhone 4S with the apps #procamera, #tinyplanet and #hipstamatic.

Home by the Pond

Around the Northsea with Bicycle and iPhone April – July 2012

Northsea cycle route liveblog Jürgen Rinck 2012
Northsea cycle route liveblog Jürgen Rinck 2012 (click for a bigger view)

The Northsea Cycle Route is a 6000 km cycle route, crossing Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, England, Belgium, Netherlands. The longest cycle route of the world. It lasts about 90 days to do it. It is a new challenge for me to do art on this road as I did since 1995: Cycling, stopping each ten kilometers, make a photo of the road. It gives the journey a structure. It documents it, but in the basics it is just a conceptual art project. I will start in Zweibrücken, where I live, go to Boulogne sur Mer, cross the Channel pass London and follow the English National cycle route Nr. 1 to Scotland.

Historical basics

Since I have written and performed the live trip to Santiago de Compostella in Winter 2010, I search for a new challange. I like Cycling, having time, writing and making good art. All of this has become reality with the amazing possibilitiys of smartphone technology. Especially the iPhone.

When I wrote and performed „The Way Of Saint James“ at the end of Ano Santo 2010, I was quiet sure, to found a new kind of art – undescribable at that moment – I used new technology and was searching for a new kind of presentation for my written photo travel art. A Blog seems to be a good solution to show my kind of traveling documenting and making art.

Next step fine tuning

My plan in „Home By The Pond“, is to make a conjunction between my early artlines in the 1990’s to the live blogging that I practice since 2 years. I want to improve the possibilities of online expression. It’s like searching for a new kind of canvas to present art.  The clou on it is, that all will happen live, day by day. The users will find an artificial report from the trip each evening. It’s like reading the newspaper – but beeing close to the action, produced by an artist in motion.

You can follow me on these websites (English with photos) (literary German blog with photos) (irgendlink’s artist profile – the site aggregates the content of my other sites, so all new stuff of both blogs will be accessible there).