A multiple apped Cable Container. With Tiny Planet, PhotoWizzard and Polamatic in conjunction.


The Next Gen Gallery

The day of idogma’s moving into a blogcluster brings new features: A gallery function with the possibility for slideshows, lists and else.

Mixed Gallery with some Hipstamatic Shots made in 2012

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From march 28 till july 31 2012 I cycled around the North Sea. During the 7663 km trip I stopped each ten kilometers to make a photo of the street. I do so since nearly 20 years on all of my trips. Since 2010 I work with mobile technology on an iPhone. A fine tool to make photos, to geolocalize them and to publish photos and messages in my blog

I asked myself: If this will ever be art, how will the recipients call it? Currently the broad mass proclaims, it is iPhoneography, mobile art, or, depending on the device that is used, it is called androidography, androidism, iPhoneism?

Art loves „isms“. How about appspressionism?

The following work might be a benchmark for appspressionistic art. It was explicitly the usage of mobile technology and it’s apps, that made it possible to realize the sheet of streetphotos. The panel shows the latest 670 km on my four months trip around the North Sea. Made with Hipstamatic App on an iPhone 4s. The photos in collumn 1, 3, 5 … were made with Kodot film and Helga Viking lens. They show the view back to Boulogne sur Mer. The photos in the collums 2, 4, 6 … were made with random combinations of lens and film. They point into direction future, forward to my hometown Zweibrücken. After 18 years of constructing artlines like this, I found an ultimate measure to continue my conceptual work.

Boulogne Zweibrücken Artline 2012 by Jürgen Rinck
Boulogne Zweibrücken Artline 2012 by Jürgen Rinck

Jägerhof re-apped

The opening of our first iPhoneart exhibition passed very well. My manager will organize some else exhibitions in bigger citys. The desire of our guests was great and I recognized that iPhoneart is highly dynamic. It is like an organism. Nothing is fix. And even our exposed photos are still in progress. As desire of a customer i reapped a work to fit with his needs. This might be one aspect in future: creating new works under the eye of your customers, send it directly to a photoservice. Pure iDogma.
Jägerhof Zweibrücken