May 4th Output

Today is the first day, I think about, if it is possible to write a blog in English language. Ten years ago I had the same question: if I would be able to write a blog in German, my mother language.

I started this iDogma blog with the aim, to post some photos from the iPhone which are made under the rule of iDogma: only to use the small smartphone to create and publish photo art. That it is possible to do iDogma in literature, I recognized in winter 2010/11: Walking the way of Saint James in Spain, I posted each day reports and photos. It worked very well. After 800 kms and 35 days, I had written a book of about 150.000 letters. Just tapping on the touchscreen of my iPhone.

In this blog I have to write in English, and these days I catch myself thinking English words, sentences, phrases. Surely it is not the best, but I guess, one can understand. This morning, when I was cycling to my work, I thought about writing my next live blog in English. Why? To find more readers. But would I be able to explain myself in a foreign language? The days when I started to write in German laguage, ten years ago, I was not as good in writing, as I am nowadays. I remember, that it lasted a long long time, to write a, short article just about the things happened a day. Now, when I want to write (in my German language), it is not a problem at all.

Hey, I just could try? Next live-blogging experiment will either lead to England, Scotland and Norway, turning around the North Sea Cycle Way by bicycle, or I will cross Sweden at the Severige Leden. In both cases I will have to talk a lot in this strange language: English. So why not trying to write some letters in this blog? Just an idea.

I think, writing English is much faster and easier on an iPhone. You won’t have to wait for the special letters: ä, ö, ü and ß and You have not so many upper case words.

Now. Here is the photo iDogma output of the day: experimenting with a new app called Decim8, which makes some special futuristical effects – in most cases it destroys the photo, but sometimes You have a good shot.

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