Sixteen randomly filtered Hipsta-Shots of a cut tomato on ceran glass. Montage with Turbocollage.



Some old colors multiply arranged on the top of a fridge. Several combinations captured with Hipstamatic and combined by Turbocollage. (Jacob Buntsenprenner -would’nt it be a nice artist name?)


Heiko Moorlander’s Phoenixification

One of Moorlander’s most exceptional works. The legendary Oregon Firefightfestival in 2012 showed up with a huge indoor fire. Mudartist Moorlander performed this work in the ashes after the show had finished

Heiko Moorlander's Phoenixification


Several ‚Fiakers‘ awaiting tourists in the city of Salzburg (Austria). Water for the horses between. The photo is made near the cathedral.

Fiaker in Salzburg