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French Roads

In April 2010 I crossed France by bicycle. My first travel with iPhone. The way is geotagged in the exif data of the photos I made.
The following photo is made near Foix in the Arriège valley (Pyrenees).
At this early days as an iphoneographer, I only used the built in camera app of the iPhone 3GS. So I was only able to make photos of some quality, when the light was bright enough.
Now, at the time I write this post, one year has passed. I pimped my iPhone with some great photo apps. So I’m able to process the old pictures. The following one is filtered twice by Dynamic Light. I made an Orton shot and an Ultra Contrast shot, which I both combined in Pro HDR to the final photo.

French Roads

Remake Of A 1988ths Photo

The growing experiments with different high end apps on the iPhone made me try something: I sent a scanned picture by mail to my iPhone. I made the snapshot 1988 in central Greece with an old Kodak or Agfa Camera. The light was terrible. I had no experience with photography. But the scene was unique: a burned wooden electric pole hanging in the air. We could still smell the fire.

On the iPhone I cut the scan 1:1 for a square format (PS Express), improved contrast with Dynamic Light’s Ultra Contrast filter and gave the photo an antique look with Pic Grungers Acid (full strength on After Hour filter)

Remake of a 1988ths Photo by Irgendlink

Photo Of March 28

The „Birnbaum“, Rinckenhof Zweibrücken. Made with Hipstamatic’s Lens Jimmy and Black Keys Super Grain Film.

Improoved with Dynamic Lights’s Ultra Contrast Filter.

Birnbaum Rinckenhof Pears

The White Wall

First Diptic Work

I worked very hard last weekend to prepare an iDogma Gallery at the White Wall Website. Nine works are available now. (Update 2013-10: the Gallery does noct exist anymore)

White Wall is a professional print service for artists, photographers and gallerys. Customers can choose the type of  the photo-art-products: arcylic glass or alumium backing, printed with archival ink or as a true photo developement, both for a long life of 75 years.

Works have a signature on the backside.

The work shown here in this article – „Durchblicken“ – is one of my first works with the Diptic-App.

A Day in the Forest …

(… and elsewhere)

I tried to get out to my work. Riding by bicycle for the short distance of 10 kms. The world was so beautyful. So I stopped at each small corner to take some photos by my iPhone. Most photos are raw works made with ProCamera or Pro HDR. Number 3 is made with Diptic and the consisting pictures are processed with PS Express.