iDogma is every photo, text, movie or audio, which was created on an iPhone and published by an iPhone and its apps.

iDogma art is the only art which leaves the creative brain without passing the authors hands at any time.


  • Novels that are written on the touchscreen of an iPhone and directly blogged to a weblog – e.g. Yet Another Saint James, written in German language, direct blog in Nov/Dec 2010 – if it would be printed, it would be a book of more than 200 pages.

    A Long Way To iDogma
    So Many Steps
  • Photos that are made with an iPhone and processed with image manipulation apps and sent via internet by a postcard -service app. iDogma postcards.
  • Artist in motion / art exhibitions / direct exhibitions – this might be a vision: the visitors see an empty gallery with a printer and a screen, that shows the geo-movement of the artist. The artist sends instantly made art by iPhone to the printer, so the exhibition grows step by step.


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