Developing a Creature by Using Multiple Apps

I loved the contrast of the small piece of wire on a white water barrel.
I captured it this morning and apped the whole day, using each small free moment.

By using Tiny Planet and iDroste, each one more than one time, I received a structure that looked a little bit like a scorpion. With PS Express and Dynamic Light and Juxtaposer and Hipstamatic I pimped it into a fine piece of art. A Halftone experiment is posted at iPhoneart

I have only seen this one at the small screen of my 3GS. So this is pure iDogma

A Sunny Place

Apped and apped and apped. The remake of a photo made with a Nikon D 300 in Southsweden, Summer 2010. This is the first of a series of D300-iPhone-Hybrids. Apped with Dynamic Light, Decim8 and Halftone.

A Sunny Place by Irgendlink