Rubjerg Knude Fyr – a Lighthouse Captured by Sand | #iPhoneography

A Lighthouse, artificially apped on an oval kind of planet in a blue-grey atmosphere | ein Leuchtturm auf einem ovalen, planetenartigen Stück Sand schwebt in blaugrauer Atmosphäre.
The lighthouse on a dune at the North Sea will probably fall down into the sea in some years. The dune is marching eastwards for several meters each year. This year in May I discovered a mark beside the footpath to the dune, which marked the expected sandline in 2052. It was nearly half a mile in the green. The photo shows an #appspressionism prepared on an #iPhone 4S with the apps #procamera, #tinyplanet and #hipstamatic.


Several ‚Fiakers‘ awaiting tourists in the city of Salzburg (Austria). Water for the horses between. The photo is made near the cathedral.

Fiaker in Salzburg

Art is „schmutzig“

During work, it is always time to capture some strange scenes in the manufactory. This „schmutzig“ (dirty) was written onto a plastic bag, wherein the loundry team cumulates dirty cotton sheets for recycling. 20120301-233949.jpg

Mobile Test After WP-Update

Just updated the software of this blog. This is the test for the mobile interface WordPress App on iPhone 4S

Hipstamatic, Pro Camera, apped and blended with Photo Wizard.